Keep the beach clean and free from plastic

The use of disposable PLASTICS is prohibited

The legislation

The use and administering of disposable plastic is prohibited

Disposable plastic is the major pollution factor on beaches and in the sea. Pursuant to Regional Law no. 37 of 28 June 2019, the following is prohibited in the seaside resorts and on the beaches of the Tuscany Region’s maritime domain:

  • the use of disposable plastic products like tableware, containers, mixers for drinks, straws, cutlery, forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and plates. Failure to comply with this ban shall be punished with an administrative fine determined by the Municipality.
  • • administering of foods and drinks using disposable plastic products. Failure to comply with the ban shall be punished with the administrative fine referred to in article 1164 of the Navigation Code, from 1,032 to 3,098 euro.

The use of these products is allowed, if disposable, exclusively if made of compostable material.

Leaving waste is prohibited

As well as being an uncivilised action that damages the environment and ourselves, the uncontrolled abandonment of waste as is a crime that - pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/2006 articles 192, 232 bis, 232 ter, 255 - envisages the following fines:

  • administrative fine from 300 to 3,000 euro for any type of waste left on the ground or in the water
  • administrative fine from 30 to 150 euro for very small-sized waste (e.g. receipts, paper handkerchiefs and chewing gum) left on the ground, in the water, in drains and in sewers.
    The fine is increased up to double the amount in the case of smoking products stubs.


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